DTI to get Connected to the Internet

The Dairy Training Institute has been playing an important role in tackling the sytematic causes of poverty by giving farmers both men and women a legitimate voice in shaping pro-poor rural policies in the dairy value chain.

By articulating dairy farmers interests to public and private institutions, DTI  through Dairy Train has encouraged those institutions to tailor their strategies, products and services to dairy farmers’ needs.

As a hub for business information, transportation, and storage as well as a place where people share new sytems and processes, then DTI has enormous potential for networking and bringing both students and dairy farmers together with the help of ICT.

DTI is soon going to have access to the internet, and yes with no doubt, this is going to improve the dairy value chain a great deal.

This will enhance connections to members, who will share market information and technical know- how and at the same time remain informed about both the institute and the programme’s activities.

This step will also improve the institution’s image as a result, attraction of high quality staff and gaining societies’ confidence.

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