A state of the art server purchased for Dairy systems

Since the inception of the internet, data management has transitioned from local management on individual devices or computers, to centralized server based systems, well that is where Dairytrain is now!

A state of the art server was purchased for the dairy systems to facilitate quick and easier acess of records and storage.

With the large amounts of records at the dairy this could not come at a better time, because there is nothing as tasky as keeping manual daily dairy records.

This has also enabled the dairy sytem staff to acess certain softwares for enhanced productivity.

Work has been made more interesting just by that.Only one piece of reporting software needs to be updated and maintained and data from all users is stored and benchmarked in one central location.

The server has allowed us to work smarter, faster and less expensively.

It has allowed us to work with little to no writing, receive nearly immediate and more accurate feedback on how the programme is performing, thus enabling us to focus on more timely decision making.

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